Ghostman ASL Tutor

The Ghostman ASL Tutor is a solution I designed for American Sign Language (ASL) learners and speakers. It is an iPad/tablet application with a goal to provide non-ASL signers an easy and quick way to learn ASL, track their progress over the course of their lessons and provide a smooth way to communicate with an ASL signer. The system relied on the tablet’s camera and gesture recognition technology.

Functions of the application:

  • Learn ASL: Lessons, vocabulary lists or their own custom material by following an on-screen instructor.
  • Conversation: Users who can have an in-person conversation with an ASL signer by leveraging the gesture to text technology.
  • Track Progress: Users can track their learning goals and achievements.

Key contribution:

  • Developed the concept and design for the ‘Conversation feature’
  • Created a flipbook prototype of the iPad app
  • Created persona, storyboards, task analysis and task flow charts
  • Conducted survey and usability tests for user research