Summer 2011 Internship at Microsoft Research

Buxton Collection
As part of my internship I worked on developing story based digital narratives for artifacts from the Buxton collection. The Buxton Collection is a web based catalog of computer accessories and devices that Bill Buxton, Principal Researcher at Microsoft, has collected over the years. He showcased the physical collection as an exhibit at the CHI 2011 in Vancouver.

The digital narrative included Bill Buxton’s video and audio footage in which he weaved stories between the description of the products, its history and the design evolution. Users are able to interact with the menu items and create their own story paths. They also have access to additional related media if they wanted to dive deep into any one area.

Key contribution:

  • Led brainstorming sessions
  • Found the right technology to support the narrative
  • Conducted user research
  • Built the prototype of the narrative

Outlook File Sharing

Facilitated a usability study for a new file sharing feature for Outlook.

Key contribution:

  • Conducted a usability test session
  • Recruited test participants
  • Designed user tasks and scripted the usability study

Microsoft Research website

Conducted market survey/comparative study for the photo gallery feature that was to be launched for the Microsoft Research website.

Key contribution:

  • Performed a competitive analysis on photo galleries across web and mobile portals
  • Compared technology, method of presentation and features of different photo galleries
  • Created a report with reflections and recommendations on the most effective and useful photo gallery features