Microsoft : Commerce Service Health Dashboard

The Service Health Dashboard is a tool that helps teams within the Commerce Platform Group gauge the health of their services and monitor any dips or peaks in the activity. It is a DIY tool that lets its users build a dashboard of visualizations that will help them monitor the activity of the performance parameters and as a result the health of the APIs.

I was involved in the envisioning of the tool and its user experience from the start. I first worked on creating and early model Proof of Concept (POC) for the dashboard. I was then involved in refining the designing and preparing it for its first version release with some changes to the experience.

The Service Health Dashboard is a key project for the Commerce group because it will aid developers and incident managers with any information they may need in fixing a business impacting issue. It’s goal is to fade out the broken and outdated experiences that are used currently in gathering information. It’s larger goal is to provide a one stop shop for monitoring, investigating, diagnosing and providing segues to fixing incidents.


Ver 1.0

Key Contributions:

  • Used brainstorming, sketching and ideation to flesh out the structure and  features of the tool.
  • Followed Agile processes; Iterated on design while consistently reviewing with feature team and tightening the overall experience.
  • Created high fidelity wireframes in Powerpoint and used it to showcase concepts, gather feedback and refine the interaction experience.